Nursing Services

You can make appointments with the Nurses for:

Cervical Smears   All women from 20-61 are strongly advised to have a cervical smear every three years. This important test will be carried out by one of our female Practice Nurses and should preferably be carried out mid-cycle. A national recall system reminds patients to make an appointment. This may be made at Reception.   Patients are notified by post of the result.

Long Term Condition Management Clinics

  • Asthma Review
  • Heart Disease Monitoring
  • Hypertension Monitoring
  • Diabetic Review
  • COPD Review

The practice runs recall systems for all these clinics.  Patients will be reviewed by the practice nurses and a recall date set.  This will generally be for one year, but reviews may be more frequent if clinically necessary.  A recall letter will be sent to patients reminding them to make an appointment.  A tear off slip is attached to the letter, and patients may return this to us if they do not wish to attend the clinic.  However, attendance at the clinics is encouraged and enables the nurses to monitor conditions and provide help and advice to patients.

Minor Injuries Practice Nurses deal with a wide range of minor injuries including:

  • lacerations capable of closure by simple techniques such as stripping or gluing
  • foreign bodies
  • bruises
  • minor trauma to hands, feet or limbs
  • blows to the head where there has been no loss of consciousness
  • burns or scalds

Please note that we do not operate a walk-in service and appointments must be booked with Reception.

Treatment Room:  Services provided by practice Nurses include:

  • wound dressing
  • injections e.g. for foreign travel
  • ECGs requested by GPs
  • ear syringing
  • stitch removal

Appointments are available on the day and may be booked with Reception.


Health Care Assistant Services

Blood Tests Daily phlebotomy clinics are run by our Health Care Assistants.  These clinics are in the morning and the blood samples are collected at 1 p.m. and taken to the laboratory at PRI for analysis.  Appointments for blood tests may be made at Reception.  The test must have been requested by a GP, nurse or hospital clinician and the Health Care Assistants will not do a blood test in the absence of such a request.  Results of blood tests are usually available within 2 working days. 

Hypertension Reviews Patients with high blood pressure are encouraged to attend annual review appointments with the Health Care Assistants.  Blood pressure will be checked and advice on healthy eating, smoking and drinking is available.  A recall system is run to remind patients to attend the clinic.

New Patient Medicals New patients are encouraged to come and see one of our Health Care Assistants on registration.  This gives us an opportunity to collect information on any current medical conditions, medication, allergies and relevant family history prior to the patient's medical notes arriving from their previous practice.  It is also helpful if this is done in advance of any appointment with another clinician as it provides them with information they may need during the consultation.


GP Services

Minor Surgery  Some doctors perform minor operations including the removal of various skin lumps, cysts, moles and the freezing of warts and verrucae. Initial consultation is by routine appointment with a GP and a further appointment is arranged at the Health Centre for the procedure.

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